The perfect day

When it comes to weddings it’s a lot of work for the perfect day but what about the perfect weekend for the brides with their closest friends who are celebrating the day with them? I feel a henparty should not just be about the bride but the brides relationships with her bridesmaids and how the day can mold their relationship even more together to create more magic! To start off the day with the hens enjoy a nice sit together before the festivities begins drink some coffee and talk. After everyone had arrived start with a game of Who Am I? This game is about all of the bridesmaids or hens in your case to write down their favorite memory that they share with you this allows for everyone to remember what realy makes your relationship so special and why you wanted them to celebrate with you. You’ve heard of musical chairs I hope but what about Pass the bouquet? Essentially the game holds the same rules but with a twist. In the game you are required to pass one single bouquet while music plays when the music stops whoever was last to receive the bouquet is eliminated this continues until one last person remains. A classic came at hen parties is say yes to the toilet paper dress. If you’ve never heard of it the rules are as follows, the party is split into groups with one model in each group and everyone creating a dress on them out of only toilet paper. The winner is decided when the bride chooses her favorite dress. Now a days almost everyone carries a purse and in that bag is necessary items the guest feels they should carry which normal is keys, lipstick, wallet. Create a list of things you would normally find In a purse which was listed prior and add some random things such as food, movie tickets and call them out and see who has the most items on the list. Some other games include but of course are not limited to treasure hunts, personalized bingo and advice you would like to give to the bride! I hope you can find some of the perfect hen party games and have fun with them and of course congratulations on you’re special day.