Hen weekends

Hen weekends
It is a weekend that is spent as one way of celebrating a ready lady and about to get married. Usually, it is exclusively attended by women. It’s critical for those who plan on hosting such weekends that they know what happens in such parties.
What happens at hen parties

  1. The bride is forced to unveil more details about her sex life more than she could want. It is an awkward situation because both the mothers are in attendance.
  2. There will be an activity. The activity can include the making of a cocktail or a dancing class.
  3. Strippers may be present who may turn out to be disappointing.
  4. One of the attendees will have dare cards. He/she will spend almost the entire night trying to persuade men to give her their inner clothing.
  5. One guy, albeit drunk, will try his luck with the bride.
  6. One of the hens will most probably get into a fight, more so with the guy that hit on the bride.
  7. One of the hens will burst out crying due to mourning a carefree and single friend’s loss.

Here are some ideas to make it out of the hen weekend with her well-being, dignity, and sanity intact.

  1. One should stay hydrated.
    The hen parties include drunken debauchery, which may even commence the moment the party begins. Alternatively, alcoholic drinks, more preferably water, are taken to ensure one does not peak that quickly.
  2. Come along with comfy clothes and flat shoes.
    By wearing cozy, comfy, warm clothes, flat shoes, or trainers, one is to relax appropriately compared to when one is dressed in tightly restricted clothing and heels, which can take their toll on the body.
  3. Take an extra day off.
    It is meant to ensure that you catch up on sleep and also ensure you have adequate time to reflect on the beautiful memories
  4. Take a walk
    After a heavy night of partying, one should create time to get fresh air to awaken the senses and feel refreshed and revived.
  5. Easy access to pain relievers and replenishment.
    By accessing the pain relievers and vitamin replenishments, one can take the edge off her hangover state from the previous night.