Pet Friendly Criteria

  • Maximum number of pets per stay is 2, unless with prior approval from owners
  • No cats
  • No dogs on heat
  • No puppies
  • Only fully housetrained dogs allowed inside
  • No aggressive dogs
  • All dogs to abide by our health requirements for them to be here for the protection of all other dogs on the property:
    • C5 vaccines and paperwork to be emailed to us at the time of booking and payment.
    • If the dog is travelling from the mainland or from overseas it must have had the worming tablet for Hydatid tape worms, 14 days prior to entering Tasmania. The worming tablet must contain the ingredient Praziquantel. This information can be found by phoning the dog hotline on 1800 684 215 and the quarantine number on 03-6233-3352.
    • Without proof of the C5 and Hydatid tapeworm treatment, your dog will not be permitted onto our property. Evidence for the tape worm treatment must be brought with you and shown as per the guidelines of Tasmanian quarantine; you will not be allowed on the property with your dog and you will lose your booking and the entire funds paid if these two requirements are not met.  We will not risk the lives or health of any dogs on our property. We are responsible and caring dog owners.
    • All dogs should also be free of any type of fleas or if from the mainland be on flea preventative medication.


  • The Chalet has a doggie day care service for people who want to go to National Parks and can not take their dog with them. Please speak to us if you would like to use this service, as it depends on the type of dog/size/breed that you have. There is a charge of $22 to $25 per day for this service (depending on the size of your dog). Your dog will be walked, fed and nurtured by the dog sitter. 
  • Sandy Bay has two vets in practise. There is Dr. James M. Harris of the Mayfair Vet Clinic, tel: 6224 4244 and Dr. David Boersma, a holistic vet, from Sandy Bay Holistic Veterinary Centre, tel: 6224 0855. In addition we have taken on the services of a mobile vet, Tas Vet Pet who will come to the Chalet.
  • There is a boutique dog grooming business in Sandy Bay.
  • Dog and owner can be picked up at the airport and dog cleared through customs by a pet taxi service, please advise at the time of booking if this service is required, it is a separate business and charges apply


  • All dogs are welcome in our super, dog friendly chalet both inside and outside the chalet. They have their own secure fenced yard.
  • Our doggie guests are made to feel especially welcome by their hosts Rockey and Lola, who will give up and share their home made, hormone and chemical free dog treats! No dog however fussy has ever refused our dog treats.
  • We request that owners bring their own dog bedding and food, however, should dog bedding and food be required please advise at the time of making a booking.
  • Please use blankets provided for your dogs if they cuddle up to you on the sofa. This reduces dog hair and protects our furniture
  • All dog faeces and other mess to be picked up/cleaned by guest be it inside or outside of the Chalet
  • Poo bags will be provided, along with cleaning items if requested (mops/buckets/brooms/cleaning cloths)
  • If you leave the property to go sightseeing, your dog is welcome to enjoy the Chalet and its Garden alone if they is happy to do so. We would hate them to feel stressed,  or suffer anxiety separation, so if our doggie guests are going to fret and bark, we recommend you arrange with us for dog sitting/doggie day care. We will need to be informed if you require this service, so we can arrange it and advise you what payment is required.

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A note from Ashi & Michael’s pampered pets, Rockey & Lola

“We know not every dog is as lucky as we are. But did you know that our Mum and Dad give a percentage of their income from SANDY BAY CHALET and SANDY BAY NATURAL THERAPIES to support our fellow canines at the DOGS HOME OF TASMANIA. So the more people that we can attract to our Chalet and Therapy Centre, the more money they can give to the dogs home… tell all your friends ….. share this on Facebook!”

Thank you to Isfryn Photography for the beautiful images of our dogs Lola &  Rockey who feature in the above slider.